Quality & Laboratories

Qualità & Laboratori


One value, one goal, one method: quality management system

Reggiana Riduttori’s Quality Management System is much more than a protocol: it’s our way of thinking and working, consolidated through our daily commitment and investment in training and technology.
Quality control enhances every stage of the process: from raw materials to testing, our goal is to achieve maximum reliability of the finished product.

Highlights of a virtuous path

  • Controlled and certified raw materials
  • Accredited staff by international reference bodies
  • Quality goals complying with international standards
  • All the main machining stages carried out directly within the facilities in San Polo d’Enza (RE)
  • Checks in the in-house metrology room and metallographic lab as an integral part of the production process.
  • Process audits carried out by our staff on the entire sub-supply chain
  • Final testing on 100% of products before shipment to the customer
  • Ensuring traceability of materials throughout the supply chain
  • Reggiana Riduttori Quality System is ISO 9001 certified through DNV Organization

Laboratories serving quality

At Reggiana Riduttori, we believe that quality is a process and not just a goal.

We make this value real by investing every year in state-of-the-art technologies as far as Quality Control is concerned.

We can rely on a state-of-the-art in-house Metallographic Laboratory, which is responsible for the analysis of raw materials through destructive testing aimed at their micro-structural checks.

In the more advanced stages of production, control is instead in charge of the Metrology Laboratories, which allow dimensional analysis and inspection of parts using non-invasive methods in order to increase the level of efficiency as much as possible.

The in-house Calibration Laboratory enables optimization and continuity of checking flows, ensuring constant compliance to the highest quality standards.