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Sustainability Agenda

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REGGIANA RIDUTTORI: a company that has always given special attention to the protection of the environment.

Over the past 50 years Reggiana Riduttori has implemented projects, measures and ideas to win the challenge of sustainability.

Since its foundation

Reggiana Riduttori has shown particular attention to the environment and sustainability, thanks to the sensitivity of its founder Franco Albarelli.


International partners

Thanks to a business agreement signed with a major North-European industrial group, the discussion begins on organisational guidelines related to environmental sustainability.


Working environment

RR is among the first Italian manufacturing companies to insert green areas outside and inside its facilities to give a tangible sign of environmental sensitivity to employees and customers.


Collection of used batteries

RR signs an agreement with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) on the collection of used batteries in the Reggio Emilia area.



Drinking water fountains are installed in production departments to reduce glass bottles and cans.


Support for wildlife reserves

RR supports the local LIPU (Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli - Italian League for the Protection of Birds) wildlife oases for the protection of birds of prey, rare birds and the creation of educational sites.


Safeguarding small wildlife

RR supports an area-wide campaign to rescue and safeguard small wild animals.



Pre-sorted waste collection is encouraged on production sites and in offices, with the installation of special bins.



Installation of a 240 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of the main production site in San Polo d'Enza (RE) dedicated to the self-production of electricity.


"Paperless" project

RR launches a project aimed at digitizing documents and consequently reducing paper consumption.


Energy Light Efficiency

In the production sites and offices, traditional lighting systems are replaced with LED lighting, adapting them to the latest European standards. This operation is completed in 5 years.


Care of the local area

Agreement with the municipal administration of San Polo d'Enza for a contribution to the reclamation of the former racetrack area in the town. A long-deteriorated and abandoned place returned to public use thanks to RR's support.


Reducing plastic

The water bottles distributed in the company are made of 50% recycled plastic. The cups dispensed for hot drinks are made of 100% recyclable material.


Green Lubrication

RR chooses to use white lubrication oils of natural origin for its production processes. These have a lower environmental impact than synthetic oils.


Energy Data Analysis

Project for the continuous analysis of the company's electricity consumption aimed at improving the efficiency of installations and their use.


Installation of hydraulic compactors with the aim of reducing the volume of pre-sorted waste and the number of trips required to dispose of it.


Air conditioning

Installation on production sites of an adiabatic cooling system, preferred to traditional air conditioning systems due to the limited consumption of electricity.

Air extraction

Installation of inlet partition valves to regulate the expulsion of conditioned air and reduce energy consumption.

Energy Air Efficiency

New-generation compressors, equipped with a system for recovering generated heat, which is in turn used to heat certain company premises.


Electricity supply

For the portion of electricity not self-generated by solar power, RR uses 100% certified energy from renewable sources.

New scrap treatment system

RR is developing an upgrade project for its scrap treatment system with the aim of recovering and reusing the oil from machining waste to the greatest possible extent.


Reduction of plastic consumption

Free drinking water dispensers were activated in the company and each employee was provided with a water bottle and coffee cup, in order to drastically reduce the use of plastic.

Company car fleet renewal

The company car fleet is now made up of hybrid-powered cars.


Reggiana Riduttori intende continuare il proprio impegno nei confronti dell'ambiente con il raggiungimento di obiettivi nei prossimi anni.
Among these: the expansion of the solar photovoltaic system and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles .

Actions that will allow us to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to an increasingly circular economy.