Slewing Gearboxes by Reggiana Riduttori: New Catalog

Slewing gearboxes are mechanical components found in numerous industrial, marine, self-propelled, and construction applications.

Reggiana Riduttori’s commercial offering includes a new catalog of slewing gearboxes – the Slewing Series, which features a redesign in functionality and range, enhanced with small but highly useful improvements.

These were presented at the Ifat Fair in Munich in May, one of the world’s most important trade fairs dedicated to new technological solutions for waste and wastewater management, aiming to pave the way for a future of sustainable economy.

Functionality and Strengths of the Slewing gearboxes

The slewing gearbox reduces the input motor speed while increasing torque, thanks to its internal gearing, and then efficiently transfers it to the output shaft, which can be either integral (one piece) or pinion slewing ring (mounted on the splined shaft).

The output shaft of the gearbox, in turn, transmits the rotational movement to the slewing ring of the application, converting torque into the rotational movement of the machine arm.

This torque transmission between the shaft and the slewing ring creates significant radial and tangential loads, which are fully supported by the output support bearings.

The performance of a slewing gearbox directly affects the machine’s performance.

Therefore, relying on our years of experience, we have developed a product with extraordinary performance: reliable, efficient, and precise.

These results are guaranteed by a perfect balance between the gear and bearing activities of the output support, meticulous design, the use of the best materials, and the quality of the machining of each component, with particular attention to backlash prevention.

The flexibility of ratios also allows the use of any type of hydraulic and electric motorization.

Perfect for High Production Rates

Another distinctive feature of the Slewing Series gearboxes is their ability to withstand extremely demanding work cycles.

Durability, longevity, and reliability are the main characteristics, meticulously designed by our engineers, to ensure maximum efficiency in industrial processes.

Customization and Personalization of the Slewing Series Gearboxes

Available in 16 sizes, Reggiana Riduttori’s slewing gearboxes are highly customizable thanks to a co-design process developed between the client and our engineers.

This ensures the gearbox is as suitable as possible for the application and the specific industrial sector.

This service, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, guarantees the highest quality standards for the finished product.

Some additional accessories, such as the hydraulic release brake, are available on request.

Slewing Gearboxes: Applications in Various Fields

The applicability of the Slewing Series gearboxes is very broad, including:

  • Wind turbines;
  • Port and marine cranes;
  • Clarifiers for wastewater treatment;
  • Thickeners in sugar refineries;
  • Electric road maintenance vehicles;
  • Construction cranes.

For more information about our gearboxes, visit our website. Reggiana Riduttori has been producing gearboxes, drive wheels, and geared motors for over 50 years.